Monday, September 14, 2009

WebStore Now Open!!

How do you do?  We certainly are enjoying the cooler weather that comes with rain.  It brings back comforting images of sitting by the stove writing or reading... my imagination begins to roam just thinking about it!

We'd like to announce that the Literary Maidens WebStore is now open.  Drop by to see our titles in a savvy new setup, read about them, and pick one up for your fall reading! 

Click Here to visit, and drop us a note telling us what you think!

With Pen in Hand,


  1. Hello! I look forward to seeing what you have here! I was curious to know though what standards you have for the books you sell?

    Have a blessed day!
    Laura Sagor on Thread tree

  2. Hi,
    Same question as Laura above. :)
    Love your blog.
    -Emily Anne