Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Early Spring!

I'm looking forward to spring... all the bright, green grass, the yellow sunshine, and the striking first flowers.  Every year I am amazed at how beautiful spring is after a brown winter!  His mercies are "new every morning."

Lately I've been working on a novel I wrote a few years ago... it needs a bunch of work, which is not always fun.  But I'm excited about rewriting it because... I love writing adventure!  As you probably could tell from my first book, The Land of Calais, that is my favorite genre, or so I've found (despite my numerous attempts to write drama... someday it will happen, Lord-willing).  The main character of this new novel is, of course, an English young woman who, with her brother, has been orphaned since childhood. The exciting plot will include espionage during World War 1 and center around the theme of forgiveness.  Any ideas for subplots are quite welcome! :-)

Christina is hard at work editing her biographical book detailing her experiences on two silo mission trips to India in 2005 and '07!  I myself can't wait to read the finished product.  I'm intrigued already by the nuggets I get to read (I'm also privileged to be one of the editors!:-).

Faith is busy with school, and is always writing something.:-)  She has set up a store on RedBubble, selling her original art and photography!  So head over there and check it out! 

We are currently working on getting our books back up for sale, which will be soon, Lord-willing.  Copyright red-tape is always a headache, but by God's grace we'll get through it!

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Happy Spring!

Writing for the Lord,
~Melody M.~