Friday, May 9, 2014


Some lyrics to Nickel Creek's new
song "Where is Love Now?" I wrote out.
Though Melody and I have busy with our family band, (, and Christina's been enjoying her life in NC, with her husband Stephen Knotts with their one year old Gabrielle (You can visit her blog over at this link).  We've been able to keep up writing, here and there... mainly to each other, but not only.    Recently, I'm sure you've seen, I was able to released my first book, "Life's Broken Pieces" in February.  It, along with all our books, are available here online, at the 'our books' page.  But along with that Melody and I have been toying with new story lines and plots.  I get so much inspiration from new songs, and I've been hearing a lot of new ones.

Our family band still travels, and you should come to one of our next shows, as we currently have copies of "Life's Broken Pieces" for sale at our shows.  And soon we'll have Melody's "Land of Calais" and Christina's "Send Me Lord Jesus" available again at our shows. We were just in east Texas and we'll be going out to CO in June so check out our schedule if you like here.

Keep writing for him and let Him lead your writing.  He's given us each a gift and we need to use it for him, to the fullest of our ability!