Wednesday, August 12, 2009


How are you all? It's been hot here, but we're looking forward to cooler Autumn weather, and eventually the winter-- with plenty of time for writing!!

I found a new way to make money! I love sewing, you might know, and on our homeschool list a Mom asked for some sewing to be done. I got the job and it's so easy and enjoyable-- and she paid me to do it, too!
I already have the Busy Hands business (web address below) which I started in July, for my hand drawn stationary and now I added my sewing service!

We are all working on our house addition too. We all pray to get it done before Christmas (which it really looks like), but all in God's timing!

Christina started rewriting an old novel (with a really good plot I've been badgering her to write more in), Mellie is still working on her new book and writing a few magazine articles on the side (for The Kings Blooming Rose and Growing in Grace); and I've started a new novel!

Have a great week in the Lord!

His Maiden,