Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Time for Everything

Dear Friends,

It has been like a blast of Spring air around here as we enter the new season with so many things to do - all at once!  But we know the Lord is faithful in everything, including things that we think we'll "never have time for."

Melody and I are busy like ants before winter, getting our college courses completed before the Semester ends in about a month.  I myself am discovering that it is a lot more hard work than I had thought it'd be, even though we're only taking a 'mere' six credit hours. :-D

And then we got our first set of hogs; hogs that we've been hoping and praying for for the last five years since we first moved onto our 13 acres.  Wow!  I thought goats were naughty, these little (BIG) critters are not only nasty, they are just plain ugly.

      As for our writing careers, Faith has decided to pull Never Alone off the shelf and really edit and re-write it per a friend's suggestion.  Melody, whenever she isn't working on her college assignments, is working on an exciting new adventure tale set during World War I.  I can hardly wait to read both of them!  

Although I am hoping to have my non-fiction book out sometime this summer, I have already had thousands upon thousands of story ideas pop into my head at the oddest moments.  Of course, I have jotted them down, but I often wonder, "When am I ever going to get around to them?"  The Lord has been teaching me a lot lately.  He has given me so many desires, so many passions that revive my spirit, that I wonder very much why He has given them to me if all I can do is constantly push them aside.  "All in good time," He whispers.  Why is it so hard to just give it all up to Him?  After all, He created every little thing upon this earth - couldn't He fulfill all those dreams of mine, too, if He sees fit?  I am learning that He can.

I am excited to see all what He does for us this Summer (being one of my favorite seasons!).  Yes, it is so very hard to trust Him at all times, but it will be nice just to sit back and see Him work!

May the Lord be your Guide in every thing this coming season.

His maiden,