Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Any Editors Out There??

Since we somehow got locked out of our own www.literarymaidens.webs.com account, we are going to abandon it and just stick with this blog.  Also, we are in the process of getting LMP up and off the ground for good. :-D 

We will be shopping around for any reasonably-priced (is there such a thing?) editors to edit our novels up for sale.  Needless to say, they will not be up for sale for a while but we hope to put them back up on the shelf for good - very soon.

Your prayers would be appreciated for a smooth process of editing as well as the finances to publish when the time comes.  Also, please pray that our focus would not sway from where it should be: the Lord.  We want this to be a ministry, not so much a business.  Our goal is to bring honor and glory to the Most High in everything - even in writing historical fiction!

Many blessings to you all, our faithful followers. :-)

In His Service,

christy AT thefullquiver DOT com